Lost In Japan
9. July 2021 By Walter Price 0

…a renewed sense of hope, LOST IN JAPAN Somedays EP

Lost In Japan – Somedays EP is available at Bandcamp, Apple Music, Spotify.

lost in japan

by Walter Price

The world has been through the wringer of late, so a 5-track EP chock-full of hopeful vibes seems a sweet elixir. And Candian alt-rock outfit Lost In Japan’s ‘Somedays’ is not only a brilliantly produced and written album but its positivity also hits us all at the perfect time.


Produced by Dan Brodbeck and Dean Nelson, ‘Somedays’ is a polished stroke of tactile rock without muddling the heartfelt experiences each track has to offer. Swelling choruses, an arena-sized backbeat, lyrical depths uncommon in most new indie offerings, and enough sing-a-long readiness that’ll certainly make the post-pandemic world a better place.

And if you’re a fan of the emotional ride bands like Snow Patrol or Keane take you on, then this EP will easily find a home in your download collection. You can stream the full ‘Somedays’ album as well as the band’s 2018 self-titled LP, now at the GTC.


+ Lost In Japan LP

Band photo by @miticmedia

Songs produced by Dan Brodbeck (Troy, Lonely, Disguise)
Songs produced by Dean Nelson (Ego, Fallout)
Mixed by Dean Nelson (EGO)
Mixed by Dan Brodbeck (Lonely, Troy, Disguise, Fallout)
Engineered by Kyle Ashbourne
Nolan Peake (Bass for EGO, TROY, LONELY, DISGUISE)
Chris Hoekstra (Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals for disguise)
Addison Johnson (Lead Vocals, Keys, Rhythm Guitar, bass)
James Wiseman (Percussion, backing vocals)
Karl Von Estorff (Moog for fallout)

Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Kyle Thomas Ashbourne
Except *
Produced by Moe Berg
Engineered by Matt Grady

Mastered by Dan Brodbeck

Lost In Japan

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We noticed after one of our shows that a white hoodie had been tossed in a dumpster behind the venue. We thought, what if that hoodie was like a symbol to be worn by multiple people, our listeners, who experienced all of the different, yet similarly felt, stories told in the EP?

We hope these songs resonate with you and provide a renewed sense of hope.” – LIJ

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