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10. July 2021 By Walter Price 0

…not trying to live forever, TALL HEIGHTS The Mountain

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by Walter Price

As a loved one is near their physical end, the images you remember will, like a photograph, stay with you, for a while anyway. And the beautiful new single, “The Mountain”, from Tall Heights is a cinematic love song about the last snapshots we have of the dearly departed. In a quote provided to the GTC, the Massachusetts folk duo speaks about the song’s inspiration, “The Mountain’ was inspired by a photograph of a friend’s grandfather on his last day, sitting in a chair and looking at the Green Mountains of Vermont. We never knew the man, but the photo said so much.”

I never get too personal when reviewing a release, but this track hits close to home. As my mother has very recentöy past and the images of her last few days are seared deep into my soul. And when I listened to this song for the first time, without knowing its backstory first, I was moved to tears with the delicate authenticities of the lyrics. Then, when I was able to see the music video, the flood gates couldn’t hold the mighty weight of emotions I had been building up inside of me. Not only is it the soft organics of the arrangement and words but it’s the imagery of the film as well. Tim Harrington and Paul Wright telling the tale in a small space with photos sent in by fans. Images of their friends and family who have passed surrounding the songwriters. It’s akin to dozens of simultaneous storylines being told all at once. Altogether moving.

Speaking of telling the tale, Tall Heights, in another quote, talk about creating the film, “When we decided to film a video for “The Mountain” in Paul’s attic, we invited fans to send us their special photos and stories of friends and loved ones who had passed away so we could include them in the video. Each photo has its own aching beauty. They remind us of the connections we all share, and the way we can preserve the presence of another within the eternal natural world. Thank you to everyone who shared a photo and a memory.”

Will this song be a staple at funerals, wakes, or the like? Time will tell, but what is certain is that this song is comforting, love-filled, and a hopeful look at one of the hardest experiences we humans have to endure. Truly a sympathetic and peaceful gift to the world.


Band photo vis Facebook / quotes courtesy of Mora May Agency

Tim Harrington
Paul Wright

After witnessing the music video, check out the touching stories behind the images on the band’s website.

the mountain

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I don’t need heaven sent
Or a wish in the well
Not trying to live forever
To me that sounds like hell
‘Cause we got a moment here
Can you see the view?
I’ll be looking out at the mountain, honey
I’ll be making eyes at you

Making eyes at you

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