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SUNDAY CLASSIC GTC: FEMME SCHMIDT Communicate + video [Connor Ellmann, director]

Femme Schmidt – Communicate is available @ Apple Music; Spotify, Deezer.


by Walter Price

While soaking in Femme Schmidt’s latest single “Communicate”, if you get a sense that the lurking beauty is reminding you of Hope Sandoval and Ian McCulloch, there’s purpose supporting those thoughts. “Written between the bedsheets of the Hollywood Hills with an old electric guitar in her hand, the Berlin singer-songwriter started recording iPhone demos very close to her heart. Inspired by artists like Mazzy Star and The Jesus and the Mary Chain,”, a statement reads on her website.

Also, have a listen to Purple Heart Balloon (2021)

Just ahead of her forthcoming album, ‘The Luv Project” (9 September 2019), this is her second delicate single exploring the palpable emotions of heartbreak. Both tracks cementing that Schmidt is poised to become the next indie breakout.

Check out the gorgeous Connor Ellmann-directed film below. And if you want more proof that this already veteran performer’s skill for noir-pop is authentic, have a listen to her ethereal take on No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak” (Spotify).

[14. August 2019]

FEMME SCHMIDT Communicate 

Artist photos via YouTube

Album cover photo @frame_it_ot / Design @erik_sovt

Director – Connor Ellmann
Colorist – Bossi Baker
Producer – Luv Movies
H&M – Christina Moissl


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