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8. July 2021 By Walter Price 0

…I’ve always felt like an alien, MADDIE GLASS Space Boyfriend

Maddie Glass – Space Boyfriend is available at Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music.

maddie glass

by Walter Price

Hey, fans of Skating Polly, Broken Baby, and Baby 8, there’s a new voice on the scene making waves. Her name is Maddie Glass and she is turning her lived realities into indelible pop-punk songs that are poised to soundtrack coming-of-age truths for the foreseeable future.

Glass has already caught the attention of a slew of indie publications, rightly so. Hidden behind the facade of catchy punk rock are solid lyrics that are as empowering as they are authentic. For example, the NYC songwriter’s latest single, “Space Boyfriend”, has a pretty silly premise, or does it. Not being understood, the expectations put upon young women, social media peer pressure, and all the other trappings of growing up and exploring romance is a daunting path to navigate. So, conjuring up the perfect match, that may just be out of this world, is well, about as real as life gets.

But if you need more evidence that Glass will be a major part of the future of pop music, check out her previous single “Livin In 2021”. This is another empowering track and it’s a bonafide anthem. A song that, I think will resonate with anyone who tries to experience individuality in the midst of all the perceived ways to ‘they’ say you should be. Going you’re own has a new song to jam to as you go against the societal norm. And it’s dynamite.

You can stream “Space Boyfriend” as well as “Livin In 2021”, now at the GTC.

MADDIE GLASS Space Boyfriend

+ Livin In 2021

Artist photo, uncredited

Written and performed by Maddie Glass

maddie glass

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Pop punk singer-songwriter and actress, Maddie Glass, is hitting the ground running with her debut single, “Livin in 2021” off of her upcoming EP, Thank You For Breaking My Heart. Born and raised in and around New York City, Maddie grew up acting and performing all around Manhattan in various Off-Broadway productions where she found her love for the craft at a young age and never looked back. Attending NYU Tisch, Maddie Glass soon began songwriting; crafting witty, candid and relatable lyrics over a 2000’s throwback sound.” – bio

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