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7. July 2021 By Walter Price 0

..feels best the first time, PARTEFACTS Time Travel

Partefacts – Time Travel is available at Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud.

Partefacts time travel

by Walter Price

Already being heralded as “superfun artpop sound casserole!”, “wild pile-up of sound.”, “cloud of tones”, and a “psychedelic collage of noisy synths,”, the debut single, “Time Travel”, from funky trio Partefacts is here to groove you!

Partefacts is the brainchild of DUCKS!’s Lani Bagley and Craig Schuftan and multi-instrumentalist Christa Belle and as the outfit’s backstory goes, “Born in Berlin after a big night out morphed into a day of instrument swapping and studio experimentation,”. And what a sound these three have conjured up. A little bit of CHIC, smidges of Delta 5, and thoughts of Liquid Liquid all rolled up into a far-out sound that’s dancefloor-ready.

And of course, always a wink and a smile sprinkled in to further the good times. How so, you ask. This song is said to be about, and I quote, “…a three-eyed non-committal space boyfriend who hops around the timeline the way people used to fly EasyJet.” Yeah, why not?! Just thinking about all the possibilities that this subject matter conjures up would make for one hell of a music video. And, later this month, Partefacts have announced a film by Reuben Sutherland will land on this planet, and I for one, can not wait to see what turns up.

Time travel feels best the first time
Keep your surprises
Keep your surprises in the past
Uncouple your future from archives
We’re all side by side, it’s just downtime

One eye the the clock
And one eye on your watch
Another on the door
Over my shoulder
Always on the move
A year here, a year there
When do you reside?
When do you live?

The single is from the forthcoming and probably the best-titled EP ever, ‘Lifestyle Blob’. Before that drops, you can stream “Time Travel” as well as a bonus slow-jam track called “Glass of Red”, now at the GTC.


+ Glass of Red

Band photo by James W Brooks

Christa Belle
Lani Bagley
Craig Schuftan

time travel

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Partefacts are the confetti on your rug, the balloons lingering halfway up your wall. A psychedelic collage of noisy synths, cosmic disco and interlocking vocals, arranged and rearranged until it satisfies the trio’s lust for pop.” – bio

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