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21. May 2018 By Walter Price 0

Best Of Spotify May 2018: Lindsay White Lights Out

Lindsay White Lights Out is also available on iTunes. Lindsay White lights out by Walter Price   Those albums that grab you from the get-go, hold you close as you sink into the honest and personal realities displayed in cinematic landscapes are the albums that will travel distances. Lindsay White’s 2017 release Lights Out, is such an album. Ten tracks that are like chapters in this artist’s biography. Perseverance, coping with loss, change, family and ultimately, love. While it would be near impossible to say any track is better than another on Lights Out, I would suggest a few highlights. “My Beast”, “Cold Feet”, “Rubber Band Gun”, and “Junkyard Dog” exemplify the ranges in White’s writing and delivery styles. If you’re into taking a trip through heartbreak, acceptance, and overcoming, Lindsay White’s Lights Out is a must for your Spotify playlist. As you listen to the album below, you can also check out a track by track by White here.    


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