Evan Egerer Valleys
20. May 2018 By Walter Price 0

FRESH SINGLE/VIDEO: Evan Egerer Valleys (from the Valleys EP)

Evan Egerer Valleys EP is available iTunes.

Evan Egerer Valleys

by Walter Price


We’ve all been there, life throws you those insurmountable curveballs that seemingly want to destroy you, your faith, and your good will. But does everything happen for a reason? Can you or will you grow stronger from these struggles?  Is it all part of a greater plan? The thing is, there are no authentic answers. But you can and should use the experiences to strengthen your life, family, and soul.

Singer-songwriter, and GTC fave, Evan Egerer has a fresh new track, “Valleys”, that examines the phenomenon of growth born from struggle. Taken from his new EP of the same name, Egerer uses his personal experiences to craft a song that will resonate with each and every one of us. Stellar production and some of his best songwriting to date, I think this track will soundtrack and uplift you through whatever it is life is throwing at you.



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