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11. October 2017 By Walter Price 0

In His Own Words: Liam Gallagher on being a ‘songwriter’

Liam Gallagher and his new album ‘As You Were’ can be found on iTunes.

liam gallagher


“I wish I could sit here and bullshit you and tell you a long story like all the other people you interview do, but I’m just a rock and roll singer when all is said and done, know what I mean? But I’ve been good to rock and roll throughout the years I’d like to think, and I just think it will always be good for me. So even in the worst of the four years off, I didn’t panic about it. Songwriting isn’t the end of the world, because the emphasis is, as long as I can sing the songs, that’s where I’m at. When I walk past a mirror, I don’t see myself as a songwriter. I see myself as a rock and roll singer.”




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(quote comes from the Jeff Slate interview for Esquire Magazine)


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