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Kt Emmerson Review: Crozet the Modern Day Creepers and Other Thoughts

Crozet are on Synth Records.

by Kt Emmerson


‘Chillwave’, a genre placement not quite capturing the lonely bedroom memories that Crozet evokes. I think slow electronica, perhaps Lo-Fi or is it all the same.

This computer-based project by John Helmuth as he finished his senior year of college in Philly. Adding Sean Lee to record 13 songs, originals and covers, came out in 2012 with new material expected in 2017.  Are you ready it?

Think intro to The Breakfast Club. Interestingly, several of their songs are featured on the soundtrack to the 2014 film That Awkward Moment. And, I confess I have not seen the movie, cuz, you know, I have kids and Power Rangers and Anime are my film repertoire at the moment. Some OTHER people in the house dominate the media queue. Not naming names but they are all under 10 years old. Please let me know if the movie is worth the fight to cut in line.

All of their songs have a mellower than Simple Minds feel and the track “Closed Shades” is soundtrack-y with its super emphasized drum asymmetry (chick, chick, chickaaaaa’s), the purest of synth with melodic wispiness. “Creating an epic wall of sound built out of huge drums, creamy layered synths, reverb-drenched vocals, and rich guitar tones, Crozet’s musical direction blends emotional John Hughes style film scores with an influential synth-pop background.”, notes their label, Synth Records (I wonder if they ever get tired of using the word ‘synth’? Maybe they have a synth drinking game?).

The ghostly vocals recede with dancefloor beats and experimental percussion sounds reminiscent of Depeche Mode. Listening to “Neon” and “On the Line” I double dog dare you to keep all your danceable parts still. Simon says “stand up and shoegaze!”

Also, don’t miss their covers EP, Alterations, for really cool takes on John Waite’s “Missing You” and  Geneva Jacuzzi’s “Do I Sad“. I for one will be glued to the mailbox waiting for my Columbia House membership installment of Crozet (that’s a metaphor for Sound Cloud, Bandcamp, YouTube, for the yougins’ who are confused).

The entire We’ll Be Gone By Then release is smoky, smooth synth-richness. If you’re an 80’s baby like me you will be summoned back to the mothership for the length of these 8 songs. And if you are not driving Andy’s pink Karmann Ghia or wearing Duckies creepers by the end, well, I really don’t understand you.



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