Lenny Kravitz
13. December 2018 By Walter Price 0

In His Own Higher Power Words: Lenny Kravitz on believing that our souls are eternal

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Lenny Kravitz


“(at 5 yrs old) I had these really weird recurring dreams then, I’d be put in a casket. I wasn’t alive. I was dead, I suppose, but I could still see. They’d put the top on the thing, and then they’d lower it into the ground. And then the dirt. And I would wake up with the bed full of sweat, screaming. Later I figured out that I couldn’t deal with the concept of death, that we’re born, and then we die, and that’s it. It didn’t make sense. So that was the beginning of me believing that our souls are eternal. Then when I was 13, somebody talked to me…this kid that I knew whose father was a minister. He started telling me about God and Christ, and then I got this feeling over me that was just like I knew what I was hearing was correct.”



The quote comes from the 1995 Neil Strauss article for Rolling Stone


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