The Soap Girls Psycho
30. June 2023 By Walter Price 0

…like I’m insane, THE SOAPGIRLS Psycho

The SoapGirls Psycho is available on In My Skin, Tidal, Deezer

The Soap Girls Psycho

by Walter Price

It’s been a minute since we checked in with the post-grunge siblings The SoapGirls, but what a return to their atmosphere it’s been as I got ears on their rocknroll lightning storm LP “In My Skin” (2022). Their signature pop sensibilities sewn into powderkeg riffs and weighty and, at times, snarling storylines.

No introduction, if you will, to this vast 14-track set than their single “Psycho”. Full of forthright directness about navigating anxiety, self-doubt, or perhaps those pesky inner voices pulling you in aggravating directions. “All my life I feel like I’m insane/ Run your mouth off act like you’re a saint/ Guilty fingers point take the blame/ Whisper when you’re shouting in my brain/ You’re just a psycho/ Motherfucking psycho…”


The song comes replete with a FEEDZ-directed music video. Shot live at the Maientage Fair, Berlin 2022, follow the unabashed rockers move in and out of the swirling lights and attractions with plenty of quick cuts to punctuate the song’s message… it’s a straight blast of a DIY film.

Stream “Psycho” as well as witness its video, here at the GTC.


Artist photo, lyric, and artwork via Bandcamp // Bio excerpt via

Music Video: Directed by FEEDZ

The SoapGirls: Camille and Noémie Debray

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Already as children, the fearless siblings Camille and Noémie Debray became an international attraction as street performers singing and selling homemade soaps to tourists in order to donate the proceeds to hospitals – so the public gave the well-known lively, nonchalant young ladies the name “The SoapGirls“. – bio

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