Hardy Hum
14. December 2018 By Walter Price 0

GUTTURAL TRUTHS FROM HARDY HUM: And We Should Die Of That Roar – “All We Are”

Hardy Hum: And We Should Die Of That Roar – “All We Are” is available @ iTunes.

Hardy Hum

by Walter Price


Racism, homophobia, Trump, Brexit, refugee migration, Yellow Vest, and the agonies continue to accumulate. It’s becoming increasingly uncomfortable to be human. Sweden’s purveyor of truths, Hardy Hum, and his sonic alter-ego, And We Should Die Of That Roar, have a new track that tears at your conscious. “All We Are” is a guttural examination of hypocrisy, hatred and the wobbly moral piers we all stand upon. Perhaps a call to action, if you dare…

Pour me the hot sand in a teacup and foil
Turn up the heat n let the frog boil
Some give food for thought, others food for oil
You can’t reap what you sow in infertile soil

Imagine the strength of a hijabi sister defying all the hateful stares
Jesus alone’d be sincerely puzzled by the size of the cross that she has to bear
E.V.E.R.Y. D.A.Y.
Each step a Golgotha and yet, see, nobody cares
The mob is charged by menace again so somebody’s gotta hang

Tell me who’s gonna dig our graves when we’re all gone?
And who’s gonna say our prayers when we’re all done?
And if all it takes is all we are
then there can’t be much left underneath the stars
And if all we are is all we are
then please tell me: How low can you set the bar?!

When we’re all done, when we’re all gone,
Will the rivers still be flowing,
Will the winds still be blowing,
Will the flowers still be growing,
When no one’s knowing?
No one! Knowing!

“All We Are” is from the forthcoming album ‘Where We Lay Our Bones’, due January 18, 2019.


Hardy Hum – And We Should Die Of That Roar

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