The Hound
14. December 2018 By Walter Price 0

PREMIER: Singer-Songwriter LINDSAY WHITE – “The Hound” (inspired by Game of Thrones)

“The Hound” by Lindsay White is available now @ iTunes.

The Hound - single

by Walter Price


Lindsay White is increasingly making her incredible songwriting and voice known. On the heels of her critically acclaimed full-length album, ‘Lights Out’, and relentless touring, the LGBTQ advocate continues her quest with a beautiful new track, “The Hound”. Inspired by the Game of Thrones character Sandor Clegane (The Hound), the song is an ode to survival. Perseverance. What will you let define you, drive you, and ultimately, self-acceptance.

White had this to say about the new single, “I was years late to the Game of Thrones fan club, but my wife and I eventually binge-watched all of it, and we were instant fans. I knew some of my music friends also liked the show, so I presented them with a challenge where each participant was randomly assigned a GOT character and tasked with writing a song influenced or inspired by that character in some way. My assignment was Sandor Clegane (aka The Hound).

“Out of all the characters, I think The Hound illustrates the human experience so wonderfully. His storyline shows how a person can oscillate from bad to good, aggressive to peaceful, guarded to vulnerable throughout their lifetime. I particularly identified with how trauma was at work in his life, and how the jagged edges of his perspective soften over time as that trauma morphs into resilience and compassion.

“In the song, I liken trauma to fire, not only because The Hound was burned by his own brother as a young boy, but also because fire is something that changes the state of whatever it comes into contact with. It is largely associated with destruction, but it can also clear a new path for change or growth. I wrote this song shortly after losing my job (which happened shortly after losing my mother), and both experiences did just that for me. I don’t want to make light of the real, lasting pain of trauma and grief, but I also want to acknowledge the strength and growth that often comes in its wake.”

“The Hound” is a precursor to a couple forthcoming releases. A feminist-focused EP release in 2019 and a full-length album in 2020.



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Video: Directed by Josh Lerma

Face to the furnace, tears up in flames
I was the fodder, were you not entertained?
you heard it cracking, did you laugh at that sound?
fire is fuel when you’re the hound

I’ve taken orders and I’ve contravened
I’ve saved the day, and I’ve fled the scene
I could care less about castles and crowns
power is pointless when you’re the hound

just allow me to touch upon
the fact my knee was never bent
I used to have a nose for blood
but now it’s gone I must have lost that scent
it’s a wonder I’ve seen love at all
it must have been by accident

I’ve taken prisoners and I’ve been behind bars
I figure salvation is not without scars
face to the furnace, nose to the ground
fire is freedom when you’re the hound


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