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3. May 2016 By Walter Price 0


LeMeow musicby Walter Price   Sure, there is a good amount of nostalgic styling going on with Ottawa’s indie-pop group LeMeow but I would have to differ in opinion with their bio’s allegations of comparisons to Adele and Ray Charles but I would easily agree with Amy Winehouse and Nina Simone-esque traits. Further attractive thoughts are the outfits DIY approach to getting their sounds out to the public and vocalist Gin Bourgeois’ million dollar stage prescience and ‘sassy’ delivery, on covers and originals alike. One downside of sorts is I’m not sure if the band knows exactly which direction they want to go in or should it even matter. Hard to tell just yet. It will be interesting to see where this group goes from here…   LeMeow  Facebook /  Twitter foto by Dennis Jackson. Musicians: Vocals: Gin Bourgeois Bass: James Rooke Keys: Brent Hultquist Drums: Jansen Richard    

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