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4. May 2016 By Walter Price 0

TRACK Quiet Type The Worst

quiet type musicDarling you’re to young to be so old… But you don’t have to explain baby…


by Walter Price


Memories of “Sugar Sugar”, “Heartbeat Lovebeat” and Warm Soda’s “Tell Me In A Whisper” drive absolute fascination and fair comparisons for Quiet Type’s new single “The Worst” (self release). Where Warm Soda take bubblegum pop into garage rock territories Quiet Type goes deceptively peppy pop music.Just like the most notable known names before them in this genre, Quiet Type use meticulous upbeat production to carry slightly grayer lyrical content.

I must include the first paragraph from their press release:

“The partnership between singer Lee Barbara and primary songwriter Bobby Seus delivers bubblegum pop through a cracked lens; crisp pop production and major melodies drape a colorful garment around lyrics whose outlook pushes right past cynical into a realm where life’s heartbreaks are acknowledged with a knowing wink and a shot of rye.”

Their debut album Times Are Strange out soon…


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