Lauren Sanderson
3. July 2021 By Walter Price 0

…all in my head, VIDEO/SINGLE: LAUREN SANDERSON – Queen Bee

Lauren Sanderson – Queen Bee is available at Spotify, Napster, Tidal.

Lauren Sanderson

by Walter Price

The powers of attraction and the subsequent wtf is going on here have never tasted so Summer playlist like the new single “Queen Bee” from LA-based Lauren Sanderson does. Sanderson’s raspy cocksure vocals are never in a hurry to overpower the all to familiar quandary of a fresh desire. As this tale is wrapped up in an addictive beat that already has TikTok, YouTube, Spotify and the like all in a tither for a taste.

queen bee
I think I’d like it if you sting me
and now we’re crawling to my backseat
you taste like honey when you kiss me
queen bee

hot mess
hot sex
what if we rolled around
all day in my bed?
do you love me?
love me yet?
am I makin’ this up?
is this all in my head?

And as seductively real as this song’s lyrics are, the sun-soaked LA-vibed music video really adds the titillating icing-on-the-cake. Staring the ravishing Sevahna de Leon as the aloof object of Sanderson’s lusty wants, this film flips the male-driven narrative on its head. Cheeky, sexy, sunny, and cool, this music video (closing in at 19,000 views already) is the bee’s knees.

After you have just one stream, it’ll be clear as day why “Queen Bee” is creating such a buzz (obligatory). As all the perfect pop song elements have aligned on this indelible track and you stream it and witness your new favorite music video, brilliantly directed by Erik Rojas, now at the GTC.


Lauren Sanderson/ Sevahna de Leon photo via YouTube

Produced by Bardo, Cole, and Beauty School Dropout
Written by Lauren Sanderson, Bardo Novotny and Cole Hutzler

Directed by Erik Rojas
Featuring Sevahna de Leon
Cinematography by Erik Rojas
Makeup by Emily Hirsch
Edited by Erik Rojas & Jacob Giessman
Color by Cameron Marygold
Production Assistance by Grace Segundo
BTS & Assistance by Clint Nichols
G&E provided by Koziel LLC
Story Consultant Nick Stelo

Lauren Sanderson

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So don’t wake me up til you’re back in town
Unusual but I think I’m down
Fly to my room
And stay the night
You turn me on
Let’s kill the lights

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