dark heart age
4. July 2021 By Walter Price 0


Ben Myers – The Dark Heart Age is available @ Apple Music, Spotify.

dark heart age

by Walter Price

What’s eating at Ben Myers? His latest release, ‘ The Dark Heart Age’, is a 12-track collection moving in and out of reminiscent conversations, promises, pleas, and lovelorn sentiments. For the most part, the vibe lingers in darkness, with fleeting moments of abstract positivity. A voyeuristic experience into a talented songwriter’s heartbreaking and complicated memories.

With all its beautiful piano and guitar arrangements covering a nice swathe of genres and Myers’ emotional words laying on the thick anguish, love, and longing. This album seemingly would better fit a Fall or Winter release/listen. Lest you forget, Summer has its rainy days as well.

This album will slide nicely into your downloads if you’re moved by Jeff Buckley, Elliot Smith, and/or Sufjan Stevens.

[3. July 2019]

BEN MYERS The Dark Heart Age

Artist photo via Facebook

Songwriter/performer: Ben Myers

dark heart age

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My name is Ben Myers and I’m an independent singer-songwriter from California by way of Kansas. My songs are based in blues, rock, and folk, as well as having strong pop influences. I’ve been making music for over a decade and have released 4 studio albums over the past 6 years (and 7 early albums prior to those!) – all as a solo artist. With each new work I’ve tried to raise the creative bar even higher!” – Ben Myers

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