Kitty Solaris Edward Snowden
17. December 2022 By Walter Price 0

KITTY SOLARIS Edward Snowden, for the Holidays?

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Kitty Solaris Edward Snowden

by Walter Price

Most Holiday/Christmastime songs usually come from familiar and traditional sources. Of course, there have been ‘offbeat’ seasonal tracks by Cyndi Lauper, Bob Rivers, Devo, and James Brown, but for the money, leave it to Berlin’s reigning Queen of all sounds indie, Kitty Solaris, to be inspired by an Edward Snowden interview to craft her own soft and cuddly(?) Xmas single.

Aptly titled, “Edward Snowden”, Solaris has once again teamed up with go-to producer Damian Press for this beautifully crafted folk-flavored and quietly ominous release. A song that begs the question, Is it possible to feel the warmth of Christmas while you heed Snowden’s warnings of the ever-present State/Tech recording your every move? Oddly enough, the answer is— Yes, I think. This duality or perhaps dichotomy of comfort and caution has everything to do with the magic Press and Solaris conjure up when they hit the studio together. Never overproducing, just letting the story and vibes breathe. Resulting in a feeling that the listener is in control of how the weight of the song hits them.

So, is Kitty Solaris’ “Edward Snowden” a true Holiday song? It’s up to you, isn’t it… You can stream it here, at the GTC.

KITTY SOLARIS Edward Snowden

Single photo by Olga Blackbird // Article cover photo via Facebook

Produced by Damian Press
Lyrics, performed by Kitty Solaris

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“Kitty Solaris is cool and direct, soft, sincere, underground, and disco. And yes, all of it. She knows the best roads through the city and through its people.” – bio

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