A.Leigh I’m All Wrong
18. December 2022 By Walter Price 0

…see me now A.LEIGH I’m All Wrong (single)

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…see me now A.LEIGH I’m All Wrong (single)

by Walter Price

In case you missed it when it first made its world debut back in December of 2020, A.Leigh’s stark beauty “I’m All Wrong” has been reissued as a single. And as I listen to this track again, I’m reminded anew of how talented songwriters/composers A.Leigh and her go-to partner Sean Kavanagh truly are. And it’s becoming blatantly clear that this single is subtly becoming a new Christmastime classic.

Below, I’ve reposted an updated version of my 28. December 2020 review:

Multi-faceted Dublin songwriter, Aleigh, sheds her brooding indie-rock self and drops a classic crooning single, “I’m All Wrong”. A track reminiscent of the standards that filled post-war radio, albeit more of a dark post-punk vibe with its steady impassioned vocals, the singer laments on the feeling of not being able to be with loved ones. As she says in a Facebook post, “…I found solace and comfort from a wildly abnormal world listening to music from a generation that had once been too separated from loved ones. Love songs mostly, that had come to prominence when the world was in peril. Songs that say ‘We will meet again’ in person and life will resume, just like before and it will.”

Arriving just in time to see this turbulent year come to an end, this track will hit home for those experiencing many of the same side effects of isolation, loss, and the need to find connectivity. And to add to the stark realities that this song is, check out the film, filmed by Mofrizmedia in the Irish National War Memorial Gardens. The gloomy warning sirens and images of war flash on the screen setting the somber tone that is a delicately heavy love song.

The stunning “I’m All Wrong” is from the highly anticipated debut LP, ‘Self Made Sorrows’, which is expected in 2021.

I’m All Wrong

Artist photo via Facebook

I’m all wrong, which will feature on ALEIGH’S debut album ‘Self Made Sorrows’ was filmed by Mofrizmedia in the Irish National War Memorial Gardens, Islandbridge, Dublin.
Written by ALEIGH and recorded remotely during lockdown 2020.

Mixed and mastered by Sean Kavanagh,
Produced by ALEIGH and Sean Kavanagh

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Over recent years, ALEIGH’s musical journey and passion have taken her back to her Dublin hometown, where she restarted her musical guise in city hostels and performing acoustically to the bellwethers and aficionados of the burgeoning Irish music scene.” – bio

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