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THREE VIDEO REASONS WHY: King Princess (Mikaela Straus)

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King Princess

by Walter Price


What a year for female artists 2018 is turning out to be.Snail Mail, Ladysse, New Spell, Honey Cutt to name a few that have turned this year into an exciting time to exist. Now, a new to me artist Mikaela Straus a.k.a King Princess has changed the game, again. A songwriter that will define a generation. At the tender age of 19, this Brooklyn born star on the rise has a certain streetwise confidence. A lyrical swagger that can mesmerize.

On the surface of her debut EP, Make My Bed, you could find some similarities to a handful of King Princess’s contemporaries. But you wouldn’t be doing yourself any favors. Lyrics celebrating and exploring life, love, and consciousness. Dig deep and you’ll find the voice we’ve been waiting for.

Also being known for embracing her place in the gay community and beyond. Telling NME, “I think being definitive is one way of expressing yourself. It’s not like the only way to be gay is by saying I am gay – or queer, sorry, to be more inclusive. I am obviously not the perfect representation of anything and neither is anyone else, but I do feel it’s important that we have people who say they are gay because there are real gay people – who aren’t bi, who aren’t pan, who aren’t just queer – who feel that they need people who are going to just be with women or men in television or film and music and relate to that. Just like bisexual people need bisexual role models, gay people need gay role models, trans people need trans role models. Everybody needs their people.”

Check out three of the videos that made me an instant devotee.



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Director: Clare Gillen
Production Company: IAMSOUND
Producer: Anh Do
Director of Photography: Paloma Criollo
Editor: Paloma Criollo



Director: Clare Gillen
Production Company: IAMSOUND
Exec. Producer: Anh Do
Producer: Izzy Bugatti
Director of Photography: Trey Gilliam & Paloma Criollo
Editor: Amandla Stenberg
Asst. Editor: Paloma Criollo
Colorist: Amandla Stenberg


Make My Bed

Directed by Mikey Alfred
Creative Director: Clare Gillen
Production by Illegal Civ Cinema

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