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In Her Own Words: Lindsay Clark on her single “Little Dove”

Lindsay Clark – Kittle Dove us available @ Soundcloud.

 Lindsay Clark



“There’s a darker line in the song, not for love will I lie – I had been coming out of a few romances and other relationships where I’d felt pressure to sacrifice my integrity or hide some part of myself in order to be loved or to keep someone’s love. Though it’s not really a love song, it is an ode to ideal love – love that is both special and equal. The “little dove” line came from a vision I had of my future daughter that same afternoon, who I saw in my mind’s eye – along with a truer version of love, conscious love, and of my own integrity and grace. The song is a commitment to believe in that, even though it wasn’t in front of me at the time. I think all of us have at one time felt the desire for something but simultaneously doubted our worthiness, thinking that we have to be more special in some way, and missing the fact that love is, in fact, our birthright.

“The song feels very close to me – these pastoral images flowed through me, connecting me to my childhood in the country and perhaps seeing myself return there in the future, being supported by the land and nature. So these lines of apple blossoms, lemons, sage, thyme – they all feel related to this idea of peace and harmony, and when I sing it I feel like I’m there.”



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The quote comes from the Mitch Mos article for Atwood Magazine.

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