11. October 2013 By Walter Price 0

Junior Brown’s Twang & Growl

Junior Brown – ‘Volume Ten’ out now

Austin, TX based Junior Brown is often called ‘An American Original’ for many reasons but for me there is one reason, he is maintaining the classic western swing sound made famous in honky tonks, dance halls and state fairs as far as back as one can remember.

Junior does keep it real in the same way Asleep At The Wheel, Hank Thompson, Bob Wills, Chet, Atkins, Johnny Bush, Ray Price and Riders in the Sky do and have. With an added twist of humor and societal commentary to his works which, in my opinion, makes it all the better.

Junior Brown has recently, by recently I mean a year ago, released an amazing EP entitled Volume Ten and it is a true musical gem. It isn’t one of those EPs an artist puts out to test the waters for a new sound. No sir, this is true to the chord Junior Brown. A perfect starting point if you’re looking at starting a ‘Western Swing’ section in your album collection.

Junior along with his trusty ‘guit-steel’, his invention, shine bright on all six tracks but I particularly love the social necessity of  “Hang Up and Drive”, the traveling musician story of “I’m Headed Back To Austin Tonight” and Junior’s showmanship on the classic “Almost To Tulsa”.

If you like your music with a ton of twang and deep growling vocals, Junior Brown’s EP Volume Ten is for you!

The GTC also recommends: “12 Shades of Brown” (’90), “Guit With It” (’93) and “Down Home Chrome” (’04)

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