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Charlie Sexton

Charlie Sexton & Bob Dylan (2001)

By Walter Price

What were you doing at the age of 16, back in the 80’s If your name is Charlie Sexton, you released your first hit record some 28 years ago and you haven’t looked back. 

Sexton had a hit with the single “Beats So Lonely” off this release and I could never forget his sounds and his very cool looks. He was a teenager, as was I, and he looked much older, wiser and way cooler than I did. Like a cross between Brian Setzer and Rick Ocasek.

Although I held a slight indifference, at the time, to Charlie’s first release due to it sounding a bit too 80’s pop for my liking. I did find myself attracted to his guitar stylings. It was like Texas had our very own Johnny Marr. 

Charlie has moved on from the looks and sounds of the 1980s, releasing a few more stellar solo albums and writing, touring, recording or producing with greats like Bob DylanJimmie VaughanShawn ColvinSpoonEdie Brickell, Arc Angels (Doyle Bramhall II, Sexton, Tommy Shannon +) and the list seriously goes on forever….

His career has been pretty remarkable. With no signs of slowing down!

If you haven’t had the chance to catch on to Charlie Sexton and you like your music someplace between the blues and straight up rock n’ roll , please give ole Charlie a try.. 

And, yes, he is the real deal…

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