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June Cocó – Fantasies & Fine Lines is available at Spotify, Amazon Music.

June Cocó

by Walter Price

Leipzig Germany’s June Cocó’s latest album, ‘Fantasies & Fine Lines’ (2019), is as much about the elements as it is the astonishing arrangements and poetic lyricism. Dreamy, somber, hopeful, and dramatic, this album is a sweeping masterclass in album crafting. Driven by Cocó’s beautiful vocal dexterity and awe-inspiring piano work, this album is love at first listen.

To pique your interest, look no further than the opening track, “Paradise”. This is the beginning of the before mentioned elements playing a role in the dynamics of the album. The opening replete with chirping birds and near-religious hum sets the pace. Then, in her signature delicate voice, Cocó guides you down a dreamscape of contemplation while being cradled by the thump of a heartbeat. Powerfully subtle, idyllic, and grounded…

In a dream, dream, dream, dream
Everything is drenched in green
Now I can sense it
Now I can feel it
Now I have found it
All around, all around

You and I in paradise
Wake up in a perfect dream
We’re not living in the skies

I don’t linger I choose life
Leave my shadows, see the light
I can sense it, I can feel it
Nature is watching through my eyes

And if you’re a fan of the incomparable Kate Bush, Tori Amos, and/or Regina Spektor, then add “Paradise” to your favorite nature-is-watching playlist. You can steam this extraordinary single as well as view a breathtaking live film, now at the GTC.


Artist photo by Jörg Singer

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