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…justify the end, DIESEL PARK WEST – Surrender Shuffle

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diesel park west

by Walter Price

Pioneering Leicester alt-rockers Diesel Park West have been there and done it when it comes to the ebb and flow of musical fads. Embarking out on their storied career in the 80s’ heyday of post-punk and weathering all the highs and lows of the ever-changing music industry, all the while maintaining their knack for poignant and message laden songs. And these luminaries are at it again with a fresh new track that’ll have you reveling in everything this band has given us over the years.

“Surrender Shuffle”, has been described best by vocalist/songwriter John Bulter, “Its a metaphor for survival by any means, even if it means shuffling loyalties and doing business with hitherto opponents. Older associations end and newer ones begin in the eternal battle of survival, which in the end proves illusive no matter how many times the shuffle is made or how many means justify ends.”

Justify justify means justify the end
get away with anything live to tell the tale
you can even hit on me I will not defend
it’s the green not the principle that swings it in the end
in the end you grow to believe it
and then you’llbe strong and free
justify means justify justify the end
you can reach infinity call everyone your friend

And this new one is brilliantly solid from the textured and palpable lyrics, the accomplished musicianship, indelible melody, and Butler’s well-traveled vocals. This song is a timeless testament to perseverance and the realization that one must do what they gotta do. And a track that no doubt comes from a personal viewpoint, and perhaps an allegory for this seminal outfit’s own journeys.

If you’re a fan of XTC, The Walkabouts, Crowded House, the craftsmanship of a long and prolific career in rock-n-roll, or perhaps you consider yourself a part-time rabble-rouser, then you should add “Surrender Shuffle” to your favorite justify-the-end playlist toot sweet.


Band photo & quotes courtesy of Palo Santo Records

John Butler
Rick Willson
Geoff Beavan
Rob Morris

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One of the most enigmatic, disliked, liked, loved. not loved bands of all time but never a predictable one.” – bio

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