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22. October 2020 By Walter Price 0

JUAN WAYNE, 1: “the alcoholic lovechild of two roving delinquents”

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by Walter Price

In the space between The Flying Burrito Brothers, The Blank Tapes, and Lukas Nelson, you’ll find the San Fransisco duo, Juan Wayne. “The alcoholic lovechild of two roving delinquents”, Andrew St. James and César Maria’s recent EP ‘1’ is a raw and sympathetic ode to these songwriters’ journeys.

Beverly Hills
Dasha Says
Ballad Of Juan & Wayne

As you go through this DIY EP, you can feel a sense of tongue-in-cheek morphing into full-blown sincerity. A chill experience as these longtime friends pour their undeniable truths into their late-nite sessions, the listener will be taken back to the heyday of homegrown, rootsy pop.

And if you need a gateway, check out track 7, “Ballad Of Juan & Wayne”. With its Dylan-esque vocals, weeping guitar, and lines like “…almost shot me with a buckshot wasted but It’s alright, I’m alright” and “I’m an outlaw of a desert daydream”, you’ll willingly fall deep into the heartbreaking storyline. And whatever the realities are behind this song, it’s certainly personal and your mind will twist within its tormented mysteries.

And you can stream both the song and EP, now at the GTC.


Band photo by Andre Lansel

Lyrics & music: Andrew St. James and César Maria

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In its brevity is the undeniable kismet. The duo’s lifelong friendship yields a profound connection and what results is a sorrowful lofi pop dreamscape melded together by two distinct narrative voices so intertwined – both through personal history and heartache, and shared influence – that it becomes difficult to distinguish where one ends and the other begins. Herein the root of a new beginning takes shape. Best seen and heard to be believed, Juan Wayne rides.” – bio

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