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20. February 2015 By Walter Price 0

Losing One Ton

On July 9, 2001, One Ton Records shut its doors permanently. One Ton fans turned us into the best label in town for 5 more years in a row. Those seven and a half years and 23 releases gave us tons of great music and memories. A sincere “thank you” goes out to everyone who made fixture bandOTR a great thing.

by Walter Price


In Texas in the mid 90’s there wasn’t really a cooler label than Dallas area start-up One Ton Records. A label ran by Caulk frontman Aden Holt and over it’s short history supported some of the best alternative rock bands Texas had the privilege of producing. As well as helping establish the Denton, TX and Deep Ellum (Dallas) as hubs for groundbreaking sounds. A label that was one of the first labels that not only cared about it’s roster but loved to nurture all local talent.

aden holt

Aden Holt

Names like Fixture, Buck Jones, doosu and the mighty sonic jawcrackers Slow Roosevelt. Yeah, good times indeed. For the most part these bands have gone different paths, mostly. As well as the label shuttering it’s influential doors in 2001. Founder Holt decided to focus on his other passions but the music, love and artwork that came from the little label (a label voted best label 5 years in a row) can’t and will not be forgotten by this music geek.

After losing a true champion of artists and digging around the ole collection it seems fitting that I share some of the label’s sounds and perhaps stir the ghosts of the glory that was One Ton Records.


Slow Rooslevelt – “Cake” (throwawayyourstereo 1998)


doosu – “Kissing Place” (Aqua Vita 1999)


Buck Jones – “Underground Crown” (Shimmer 1999)


Fixture – “Shout” ( ((audio)) 2000)