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19. February 2015 By Walter Price 0

Premier: be the moon – ‘Golden Age’

be the moonWe always want to make music that we can be proud of 40 years down the road.

by Walter Price


be the moonElliott Humphries, Adam Shaw, Freddie Alderman, Steven Bristow


North Carolina’s be the moon are preparing to release a new album, a follow-up to 2011’s Streetlight Views, the new one is called Golden Age and the title track we have.

A harrowing short story of a journey. Dreams, hope and the American dream sometimes end askew. Daunting pasts, American landscapes aren’t always as they seem (or remembered). Reminiscent of Ryan Adans and Jim Seals in tone and the sort of narrative that keep Cash, Prine, Hood and Mitchell so timeless and intriguing. “Golden Age” (featuring Joey Doss and Jordan Roberson) is flush with 70’s AM radio easiness as it cradles the harsh realities of it’s lyrical meatiness.

Based on this first track, all the starts, stops and struggles the band has gone through to get it out are falling into place. The band’s Elliot Humphries had this to say about Golden Age, “We ended up making this record twice. It’s been over 18 months since we started. We tried to serve the songs. The songs reign supreme in this band. It’s not about ego or flash…it’s about what works for the tunes. We wanted a very organic record. We wanted the end result to be honest and straightforward. We always want to make music that we can be proud of 40 years down the road. We also wanted this record to show that we have grown since Streetlight Views in 2011. I hope that it achieved those things. If so, it was worth every minute.”


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Check out the premier of “Golden Age” and the band is set to release the new album late March or early April. be the moon are looking for a bit of help with the release. Check out their Indiegogo campaian HERE.