Katherine Abbott
21. August 2020 By Walter Price 0

“…a song about forgiveness,” SINGLE: KATHERINE ABBOTT – Lullaby for Lucas

Katherine Abbott – Lullaby for Lucas is available at SoundCloud, Spotify.

Katherine Abbott

by Walter Price

Stratford-upon-Avon singer-songwriter Katherine Abbott’s whispery new single “Lullaby for Lucas” is storytelling at its most compassionate. A true to life tale of meetings a stranger and learning how easily life’s journeys can shift. Abbott explains, “Lucas was an opera singer in Vienna but had lost his voice and had taken to living a nomadic existence. We had a jam in a bar one night and he tried to sing but his voice just came out as this croak which brought him to tears.”

Through her airy voice and delicate composition, Abbott tells Lucas’ story like a soft breeze. And as heartbreaking as it may seem, the sense of overwhelming hope and understanding are woven throughout. With its core being a song about that hallowed idiom, of not judge a book by its cover.

You can stream this beautiful new track as well as a previous charmer, “Wayward”, now at GTC.


Artist photo courtesy of LPR Agency

Produced by Jonathan Fletcher

Katherine Abbott

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I would hope in the moment the music may help someone to feel lighter in spirit. There’s so much beauty that exists inside our own minds and we can combat our daemons with it. I’m always dumb-struck by the transformative power of music.” – K. Abbott

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