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… it’s not too late, JESHUA MARSHALL – Shoot the Moon ft. Fredo Ortiz

Jeshua Marshall – Shoot the Moon LP is available at Bandcamp, Apple Music, Spotify.

by Walter Price

Hold sacred what once was, make amends, alter course, aim high for a redux… All seem intertwined in the indelible single, “Shoot the Moon”, from poet-troubadour Jeshua Marshall (feat. Fredo Ortiz). But this isn’t a conventional single per se. It’s certainly not an easy one to find a label for either. It’s folk, it’s a story-song, it’s an earthy pop song with plenty of bounce… So, no need to dwell on the superfluous and just let this track take you into its imagery.

This song is taken from the LP of the same name. And brothers and sisters, when I tell you that this album is many different journeys all rolled up into one 10-track set, you just gotta believe. Marshall is in a songwriting sphere all his own. His brilliant command of lyric structure is both off-kilter and genius. Which, allows for some fascinating new discoveries with each and every listen. And, again, this songwriter ain’t gonna be pigeonholed anytime soon.

One thing you will notice though, even when this Oregonian multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter is at his most heartfelt sincerest, there’s always a wink-and-a-smile around the corner. A sorta playful vulnerability that pulls you in and asks for you to stay awhile.

Back to the single for a spell. The accompanying music video, filmed and directed by David Gillaspie and Todd Rosenberg, finds Jeshua Marshall going about a meandering, sorta haphazard day. It shines a light on beauty in all the mundane goings-on in one’s routine, the people and scenes they encounter. It’s simply fun to watch.

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the LP’s brilliant artwork. It’s equal parts 1970s outlaw country, 80s heavy metal, and those gray wolf t-shirts you see at swap shows. This imagery is just icing on the cake for an album that shouldn’t be dissected, it should be experienced.

JESHUA MARSHALL – Shoot the Moon

Artwork/artist photo courtesy of Public Display PR

Songs by Jeshua Marshall

Production by Todd Rosenberg

Music video, filmed and directed by David Gillaspie and Todd Rosenberg

Jeshua Marshall

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“Jeshua is a multi-instrumentalist singer and songwriter. He channels pure punk rock passion from the records that spoke to him years ago as a kid in small-town with big dreams.” – bio

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