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2. October 2021 By Walter Price 0

PLAY IT AGAIN…am I special, BELLE TOWER – Small

Belle Tower – Small [single] is available now at Bandcamp, Apple Music, Spotify.

belle tower

by Walter Price

The stagnant status quo in the music industry is finally starting to be disrupted. The negging, manipulation of self-worth, and the twisting of power have been a stain for far too long. And the recent single “Small” from Montreal indie-pop star on the rise Belle Tower [Isabella Harned] shines a personal light on the misogyny of it all.

As Harned straightforwardly puts it, “As a woman in the music industry, the lyrics dance around the story of seeking approval from someone who continuously makes you feel small and speaks to the microaggressions I experienced in these kinds of toxic dynamics that I know many can relate to. In reflecting on these themes, “Small” grasps at the grit of standing in your power, knowing your worth, and resisting the male gaze.”

The song is a powerful slow burn with lyrics and purpose that can dually point a finger at the music industry and more broadly can call out the uneven power dynamic of a romantic/sexual relationship. Thought-provoking, this track should be shared and hailed as an anthem for empowerment and ultimately, change. And you can stream the single and watch its lyric video, directed by Kevin Schmit, now at the GTC.

“Small” comes from the forthcoming EP, ‘tend to‘, expected April 27th.


Artist photo by Rebecca Lorna

Recorded in the Winona Forever basement in Montreal, QC
Produced by Ben Roberston with production contributions from Scott Boudreau and Isabella Harned
Mixed by Oliver Hollingshead
Mastered by Suite Sound Labs

Vocals, electric guitar: Isabella Harned
Bass, electric guitar: Ben Robertson
Drums, electric guitar: Scott Boudreau
Cello: Audreanne Fillion

Lyric video by Kevin Schmit
Single Art by Erica Hart

belle tower

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This song was inspired by a time in my life when I was navigating a connection that I knew was toxic, which ended up representing a larger relationship to patriarchy and misogyny in the music industry.” – Isabella Harned

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