Infinite Other
10. September 2018 By Walter Price 0

YOUR AUTUMN PLAYLIST #1: The Fourth Wall – ‘Infinite Other’ (LP)

The Fourth Wall – Infinite Other is available @ Bandcamp.

Infinite Other

by Walter Price


Portland’s The Fourth Wall has ethereal shoegaze with their stellar new LP, ‘Infinite Other’. Sweeping and noisy arrangements cradling Stephen Agustin’s philosophical and reflective thoughts. And while this band is technically labeled ‘shoegaze’, on this album they do trek into Beirut and Band of Horses territories. So, pigeonholing probably isn’t the best approach when adding this release to your Autumn playlist(s). But add you should do.

Tracks to keep an ear out for: “Circular Ruin”, “Infinite Other”, “Echo Of Erasure”, and “Golden Mean”.



Stephen Agustin – Chris Lau – Kasey Shun – Andrew White

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