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In His Own Unjaded Words: Ziggy Marley on staying excited about making music

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“I’m a kid at heart. I think that’s what it is. I’m enjoy my imagination. I still enjoy playing outside and playing games. I still have that childlike quality that that inspires creativity, and have avoided that unjaded adult thing, that miserable thing when you get old and you get kinda “bleh.” This is still new to me.”

 (expanding on being ‘unjaded’)

“It’s a mental point of view. It’s how you think of life and again, for me, my ulterior motive is one of love. This is not a business to me so my mental state is not attached to the business side of it. Nature plays a major role. Being around nature and the schools and the bees. All of these things still fascinate me. The universe fascinates me. The plants fascinates me. Everything still fascinates me. I have faith in my survival and faith in my foundation that I don’t have to worry because I know I can survive. I know I can plant something in the ground and it will grow. My life isn’t based around the industry my life is based around nature. The industry is not my life. My life is my life. It just doesn’t come across me so there’s no conflict or “how do I do it” because I don’t have to do it. It just is. It’s who I am.”



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This quote comes from the Eric Sundermann interview for NOISY.


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