Burt Reynolds
7. September 2018 By Walter Price 0

BURT REYNOLDS: 3 Movie Soundtrack Tracks Reasons Why

Burt Reynolds and his film legacy can be found @ IMDB.

Burt Reynolds

by Walter Price


Back in the 1970’s and early ’80’s, I spent many evenings and weekends being babysat by the local Texas movie theatres. Raised by a mostly single mother, she would drop my sister and me off at the cinema with one purchased ticket each and we’d spend hours going to see movie after movie. Seeing films way out of our age ranges. John Wayne, Woody Allen, Jodie Foster, and Clint Eastwood would keep us captivated and, at times, very confused.

But one actor was a standout back then. Burt Reynolds was the epitome of cool. A snarky old-school Hollywood type. Strutting across the big screen mostly magnanimous, mustachioed and confident. A man’s man who seemingly always got the girl. To me, back then, that was just about everything. I wanted to be this guy. Or at least the characters he portrayed. Honestly, I didn’t understand the difference between the two back then.

“Guys dig him. And even girls can’t get enough of him…”

Oh, the memories. And with the news of Reynolds passing yesterday (September 6, 2018), all those great films came rushing back to my memory bank. With that wave of sudden nostalgia, three of my favorite film scenes immediately started playing in my head. Subsequently, the memories of their soundtracks reappeared. As a tribute to all the long days at the movies watching all the popcorn fair, Burt Reynolds had to offer, I thought I’d share three of the soundtrack songs that linger in my life to this day.


1936 – 2018











“Where does the camping trip end…and the nightmare begin?”

Composers: Eric Weissberg, Arthur ‘Guitar Boogie’ Smith, Don Reno, Steve Ouimette












“It’s Burt Reynolds, Sally Field, and Jackie Gleason, in high gear and hot water!”

Jerry Reed












“BURT’S BACK . . . With car crashin’ & party crashin’ as the hassled hunk who drives his car upside down & his women round the bend!”

Charlie Daniels Band



Thanks for the movie memories Burt…