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STORYTELLERS. Frontier Ruckus – “Enter the Kingdom” (+ video)

Frontier Ruckus – Enter the Kingdom is available @ iTunes.

enter the kingdom

by Walter Price


Memories are unreliable at best. What your mind lacks in proper nostalgic archiving, it makes up for in the sensations, smells, and reconstructed recollections that fit your future storytelling. And if you have the power of poignant beauty emitting from your soul, it’s possible you could become a compelling songwriter.

Frontier Ruckus has built a solid following on delivering songs often recounting tales of suburbia. Cinematic in-depth lyrics that could be reminiscent of your own days gone by. From the 2017 album of the same name, the band’s “Enter the Kingdom”, plays like a sprawling metaphor for your childhood safe places. Your neighborhood, friends, and fleeting tactile moments. The power of the song is its ability to transport you back, not to the outskirts of Detroit per se, but back to your own experienced filled hometown.

Back to those sun-soaked summer days, warm nights roaming and feeling life’s endless possibilities. Sure, this song isn’t written from your perspective…but the sentiments conjure up enough similarities, that it could have been. This is great storytelling. The kind that memories rely on.



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Article cover photo by Noah Elliott Morrison

Enter the Kingdom produced by Ken Coomer and Frontier Ruckus



Written, Shot, Cut & Directed by Jay Curtis Miller

Produced by:
Jay Curtis Miller
Matthew Kakaris
Matthew Milia

Victoria Kirby-Schwarber
Joe Kidd
Kira L. Wilson
and McKenna Bintz


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