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5. September 2018 By Walter Price 0

FRESH PSYCH-POP VIDEO: Alli Neumann – “Merlot, Macht & Muse” (Hohes Fieber – EP)

Alli Neumann – Hohes Fieber pre-order is available @ iTunes.

Alli Neumann

by Walter Price


When you know the potency of your powers, the good and the destructive, maybe a fair warning is the best way to approach a relationship.  The uncertain balances of love, desire, and intoxicating turmoil can go either way. Everlasting passion or total emotional annihilation…or both. Hamburg Germany’s compelling popstress Alli Neumann delivers these honest sentiments in her recent single “Merlot, Macht & Muse”. Delivered in a Kim Carnes-esque vocal and wrapped in psych-pop perfection. It would seem plausible that this track is coming from the storyteller’s personal experiences…perhaps the truth is better left unknown. So, pour yourself a large glass of wine and soak up all that Alli is laying down.

“Merlot, Macht & Muse” comes from Neumann’s forthcoming EP, Hohes Fieber (Jive Germany).



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