Iguana Inmortal
3. February 2022 By Walter Price 0

FICCION trip out on Iguana Inmortal LP

FICCION Iguana Inmortal is available on Spotify, Bandcamp.

Iguana Inmortal

by Walter Price

Algeciras, Spain’s FICCIÓN return with a raw new LP, ‘Iguana Inmortal’, and it’s a psych-heavy garage rock masterstroke. A lot of interpretations of what Roky Erickson introduced to the subculture have been made over the decades, but it’s harder than you think to stay true to what the 13th Floor Elevators mind-altering sounds laid out.

‘Iguana Inmortal’, with its exploration of psych and hints of surf, pays respectful homage throughout its 8 tracks. And the band’s Mike stopped by the GTC to drop some insight into this album’s tracklist.

In this new work, we have defined our own sound. The songs talk about different themes.
Like in
Victoria“, we talk about a utopian community, without borders or limitations. A better world, in short.

Carrera Espacialhas a nostalgic and exciting touch about the competition that the great world powers had in the past to conquer the stars.

Discurso del Odio” speaks of our concern about hating those who are different, those who don’t share your ideas.

Scientistis a reinterpretation of an original song by Copycats, a punk band that our singer founded when he was studying in Granada.

Nuevos Olorestalks about meeting new people who bring fresh air into your life and make you feel happy, sprinkled with some psychotropic substances.

In “Caso Misteriosowe talk about the reality we encountered when the pandemic appeared.

Selváticais the wild side and what we think the jungle should sound like when an animal runs full speed through it.

Finally “Psicotropicosis a psychedelic and hallucinogenic trip under the effects of different psychotropic substances.

You can stream the subconscious exploring album and see its trippy music video for “Psicotrópicos”, created by Les Flappers, now at the GTC.

FICCIÓN Iguana Inmortal

Band photo by Esther Curra // Quotes courtesy of FICCION

All songs have been composed by Ficcion,
Except for Scientist, composed by Pol with Copycats.
Video made by Les Flappers.
Music recorded by J.A. Ortega.
(Blinds of Sound)

Pol: guitar – vocals
David: bass – backing vocals
María: keyboards
Mike: drums

Iguana Inmortal

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“… we continue the teachings of the immortal iguana. Different parades, experiences, and visions to which we were dragged into and from which we got a unique, vital, and unforgettable experience. Each one of them is included in the songs we’re exhibiting on this album… Welcome to: FICTION – IMMORTAL IGUANA” – Facebook post

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