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In Her Own Independent Words: JOSS STONE on the problem with Major Labels

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Joss Stone


“They (record labels) take artists who are bright, shining lights and just kind of dampen them, because they only care about making money. It creates a bad product, with a bad feeling. I want to make music and I don’t think you have to do all the other stuff. It’s not for me, anyway.

“There are too many businessmen who feel like they’ve paid for things, and expect you to do what you’re told. I consider it quite abusive.”



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(Article cover photo is from JS’ Facebook / the quote comes from the Neil McCormick article for Telegraph UK)

Project Mama Earth: – The Making of our group Project Mama Earth. The whole project is about Mother Nature. It’s from her perspective.

Project Mama Earth features:
Jonathan Joseph
Jonathan Shorten
Étienne M’Bappé
Nitin Sawhney
Joss Stone

Project Mama Earth is Out Now


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