Mountain Man review
17. October 2018 By Walter Price 0

The Enchanting Harmonies of MOUNTAIN MAN – “Rang Tang Ring Toon” (‘Magic Ship’ album)

Mountain Man – ‘Magic Ship’ is available @ iTunes.

Mountain Man review

by Walter Price


The recent single “Rang Tang Ring Toon” from roots trio Mountain Man is a celebration of the happiness and love of being with the folks in your close-knit circle. Freedom to be yourself and acceptance told in beautiful and enchanting harmonies. Harmonies that blend into a comfortable tranquil hum, a subtle soothing atmosphere. It’s increasingly rare in the modern formulaic music scenes to find something this pure.

The D.L. Anderson directed music video sets the scenes and textures of those lovely intimate gatherings of friends. The before, during, and after having their places in our souls. Community.

“Rang Tang Ring Toon” is from the collective’s new album, ‘Magic Ship’ (Nonesuch Records). Out. Now.


Amelia Meath – Molly Erin Sarle,- Alexandra Sauser-Monnig

website / instagram / youtube


Director / D.P. / Editor – D.L. Anderson
Second Camera – Ned Phillips
Styling – Dear Hearts

A special thank you to Emily-Kate Hannapel


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