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SCOTT MATTHEW – “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?” (from the ‘Ode to Others’ album)

Scott Matthew – ‘Ode To Others’ is available @ iTunes.

Scott Matthew

by Walter Price


In 1982, Culture Club released their breakout hit “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me”. Unbeknownst to fans at the time, the ambiguous track was written about a secret affair vocalist Boy George was maintaining with the band’s drummer Jon Moss. George would later admit that most of the band’s first album, ‘Kissing to Be Clever’, was written about this hidden love. In hindsight, adding additional sentimental weight to this New Wave classic.

This is now and somber voiced troubadour Scott Matthew has put his soulful touches on the track. Matthew has built his career writing and performing songs conjuring up feelings of love, loss, and yearning. And while his version of Culture Club’s #1 hit has touches of these textures, his take brings the original’s reggae vibe to the forefront, adding a sense of hope. Giving me the thought that this version is less about secrets and more about moving on.

The Kirsten Russell directed music film portrays scenes of togetherness and community can be healing. Bringing sweet imagery to Matthew’s already beautiful remake. You can check it out below.

“Do You Really Want To Hurt Me” comes from Scott Matthew’s recent release, ‘Ode to Others’ (Glitterhouse Records).



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