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2. February 2022 By Walter Price 0

…you can suck it, ONLY BRICKS Smile, It’s Over :)

Only Bricks – Smile, It’s Over : ) is available at Deezer, Apple Music, Spotify.

only bricks

by Walter Price

Hey, we’ve all fantasized about saying exactly what’s on our mind as we exit a particularly gnawing situation. But we don’t, but what if we did? What an exhilarating taste of ultimate mental freedom it would be. Well, the recent going-your-own-way single from indie-pop duo Only Bricks, “Smile, It’s Over :)”, is just the anthem for such a scenario.

Loaded with bounce and empowering “…you can suck it” sardonic truth, the track is explained by vocalist Anne DiGiovanni, “…our swan song for everyone who’s ever raged against corporate America. It was written to honor this transition of mine, to give voice to that inner celebration we all do, no matter how much we’ll miss the people or places or projects we inevitably say farewell to.”

With its indelible groove and TikTok-era righteousness, and as the new post-pandemic world is figuring out that the old ways of doing things for the corporate machine are passé, “Smile, It’s Over :)” is the confident song the ever-increasing independents need to nudge themselves in the right freeing direction.

And, it’s not over yet, as this track comes with a brilliant, color splash music video to boot. Directed by Jaclyn Amor, the retro vibed film will certainly conjure up the tongue-in-cheek playfulness that Katy Perry brings to her visuals. Plenty of wigs, baby pools, and oozing with style, this video is a vibrant added bonus to an already banging single.

And you can stream the smiley face-inducing “Smile, It’s Over :)” as well as witness its music video, now at the GTC.

ONLY BRICKS Smile, It’s Over 🙂

Article cover photo via YouTube // Quotes courtesy of Chantal Reeder PR

Anne DiGiovanni
Joseph Lewczak
Written by Anne DiGiovanni, Clifton Jennings, Joseph Lewczak, and Kayleigh Torok
Produced by Alex Arias
Mixed and Mastered by Dan Konopka

Music Video:
Director: Jaclyn Amor
Director of Photography: Ben Meredith and Jaclyn Amor
Editor: Jaclyn Amor
Hair & Make-up: Willie Watana

only bricks

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This song was such a fun collaboration with our friends Kayleigh (Torok) and Clifton (Jennings). We wanted to flip the niceties of the standard work goodbye email on their head and say what everyone really wants to say but never does.” – Joseph Lewczak

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