molosser black oak
1. February 2022 By Walter Price 0

MOLOSSER Black Oak (Barebones Sessions)

Molosser Black Oak is available on Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer.

Molosser Black Oak

by Walter Price

From Uråsa, Sweden comes a stripped-down grunge-pop gem that has its footing firmly in the neu-roots movement. A redux from their stunning new-to-you 2021 LP, ‘Appear‘, Molosser – Black Oak (Barebones Sessions) is a spotlight on this duo’s bedrock of blended genres of folk, blues, and alt-rock.

Much of this track’s shadowy powers are derived from vocalist Tess’ sultry classic rock vibed delivery. Of course, the atmosphere, a barn, in which this new take on the studio version was recorded adds potent raw textures. Not to mention the bass-toned guitar work. All in all, this track is an undeniable natural beauty.

In a quote sent to the GTC, the duo’s Jahn explains the Barebones Sessions, “The point of the Barebones Sessions is to present Molosser’s music in a more straightforward way than on the studio recordings, as well as to let the songs evolve in new arrangements. Here, the tracks are recorded live, in one take, with just the two down-tuned acoustic guitars and vocals, which gives a good opportunity to sample Molosser’s trademark sound of intermingling melodies, riffs, and basslines – but rarely any traditional strumming or fingerpicking. As well as being a good way into the Molosser sound, it points out the direction that Molosser are taking with the new album that we’re currently working on.”

You can stream Molosser’s Black Oak (Barebones Sessions) as well as see the accompanying music video here at the GTC. And for more releases from the Sessions, head over to the band’s Spotify page.

MOLOSSER Black Oak (Barebones Sessions)

Band photo // artwork // quotes courtesy of Evil Ear and Molosser

molosser black oak

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Swedish duo Molosser play their very own brand of alternative rock with two downtuned guitars and vocals. The band consists of Tess and Jahn, who share life outside as well as inside the music and currently live at a (very) small farm in Uråsa, in the province of Småland. They met in the city of Gothenburg, where they both played in various bands and constellations ranging from noisecore and riff-heavy rock to improvised jazz. Molosser’s music is the fruit of these and other influences, combined with an inspiration from nature and the countryside, where the action is mostly on a more subtle level than in the city (but plain to see for anyone who’s looking closely).” – bio

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