Catnyp band The Architecture of Berlin
31. January 2022 By Walter Price 1

NEW MONDAY: CATNYP The Architecture of Berlin

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The Architecture of Berlin

by Walter Price

CATNYP’s Henderson K Shatner isn’t one to be easily pigeonholed. Delivering fiery single after single with strong comparisons to Bowie, Andy Partridge, Daniel Ash, and heavy on metaphoric brilliance that more often than not conjures up plenty of fantastic imagery. And the Missoula songwriter’s recent single “The Architecture of Berlin” is no exception.

Shatner told me in an email exchange about his thoughts behind the track and its video, “I was basically thinking about Heroes by Bowie and how exciting and romantic the song was (and in the context of the film). Then I was wondering what the same place must be like now,” and he added, “There’s a bit of a punch-line too; maybe “Berlin” is an attractive Germanic woman…But the idea that much of it (and places like it) are now a tourist attraction where you can get cappuccino and avocado toast is the real meat here.”

We left the Brandenburg Gate and made our way to Café Adler
You can no longer blame the brain drain, because it no longer seems to matter
Ossi & Wessi are still arguing over the fate of the Ampelmännchen
And lots of other little things that I no longer feel the need to mention

I still have time for reflection here, though
The writing was on the wall
I never made much progress here
It was the architecture of Berlin

She said, “I’d like it if we never went to bed.”
I said I’d like to; she said she’d try to, if she could fit it in her head
Unter den Linden, not quite joyridden, they’re selling pieces of the wall
I kind of liked it, she said she’d spiked it; I woke up naked on the floor

Wordsmithery at its finest, drawing scenes that only the likes of Henderson could imagine. This single further cements Henderson as one of the more intriguing and certainly entertaining song crafters going these days. And you can stream the new single and see its Noir meets psychedelia, self-produced, music video, here at the GTC.

Need more? CATNYP has two newer offerings as well. “Everybody’s Trying To Rescue A Princess” and “Alice Copperbelt“.

CATNYP The Architecture of Berlin

Artist photo and quotes courtesy of CATNYP

The Architecture of Berlin
Written by Henderson K Shatner
Drums, Bass, Guitar, Vocals – HKS

Music video by CATNYP

Catnyp band The Architecture of Berlin

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“Catnyp is powered by HKS: multi-instrumentalist-writer-producer. As such, Catnyp retains a tight focus and sound; Catnyp is whoever HKS is working with at any given moment (or, often the case, solo)…You’ll see some references to The Beatles, Paul McCartney and Wings, Radiohead, Weezer, Pixies, Nirvana, XTC, Elvis Costello, The Three Nicks (Nick Cave, Nick Drake, Nick Lowe), Claypool Lennon Delirium, Beck, Squeeze, Rickenbacker, Hofner, basses, 12-string guitars, singer-songwriter stuff, photography, poetry, and other ingredients inspiring Eccentric modern classic that makes Catnyp.” – bio

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