I Am Mulder
9. September 2016 By Walter Price 0


I Am Mulder self-titled EP out now.

I Am Mulder

by Walter Price


Remember when you thought the harder side of  modern rock was dead or just moved to the cliché side of town…Fear not my friends of explosive crunchy sounds. From that rock n roll enclave that is Cadiz, Spain comes I Am Mulder and these riotous musicians have blasted out of the gate with their new 5 track self-titled EP.

First single “Wood Likes Fire” isn’t exactly retro but modern with a foot in the alt-rock past and one up your ass, as vocalist/ guitarist Edin explained, “The song is about not being tame.” And you can immediately grasp that passion with the first listen. That taunting droning vamp that sets nerves ablaze and then buckle-up boys and girls, the turbulent ride has just begun.

Now, that deep toothy growl is courtesy of double bass players and a back beat that rattles bones. Thumb, fire, blast rattle…rock n’ roll!

As for I Am Mulder and recording the EP; Edin went on to say, “We are from Cadiz as you know, and we have been playing for a year or so. We have just recorded a 5 songs EP and we have just made a video for one song, It was edited and assembled by Antonio Tilyudai, that plays in the band. The songs were recorded live by Jaime Fernandez da Costa at “La Nave” and then we added vocals at Estudio 79, Jerez.”

You can check out the video and lyrics below.

I sell my soul, no one wanna buy
I’m like an animal
I am a stone in your fuckin shoe
a remedy without cure
a rainy day in your shining sky
straight and insecure
a dyin’ word in your fuckin´ lip
the queen that kills the king
What the fuck i’m doin’ here?
Tell me
Lame as you face, fuck it, without brain
the genocide is here
In your kneelin’ knee, the tree in your seed
the enemy is me
You don’t want my soul, why don’t? I don’t know
I sell my fuckin’ soul
to the empty sun of your dark sky
the cheapest kind of whore


I AM MULDER   Facebook  /  Bandcamp

Jesus (Drums) – David (Bass) – Alvaro (guitar and back vocals) – Antonio (bass / effects) – Edin (guitar / lead vocals)



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