O' Little sister music
12. September 2016 By Walter Price 0

3 Reasons O’ Little Sister

O’ Little Sister singer/songwriter
O' Little sister music

foto by Danny McShane

by Walter Price I’m not one who becomes overwhelmed  by too many things.But then,  as I was letting YouTube guide my listening the other day the usual rock inspired offering were on blast and from the other room I heard a voice unlike any other voice. I ran from that room to the next to see the face that belonged. The song was “Garland”. Who I witnessed was Australian musician O’ Little Sister, and then…like binge watching episodic must see serials, I was hooked on the sounds and honesty of Lucinda Johnson. The comparisons could simply be said a melding of Nanna Hilmarsdóttir and Jewel (or perhaps Birdy). But let’s not let that being said influence or dissuade perceptions. O’ Little Sister’s strengths are plenty and evident and if I were asked about her most brilliant attribute, I’d say that she is believable. The listener walks into and away with earnest tales. Poetry. And the delivery is inviting and beautiful. . Here are 3 Reasons Why O’ Little Sister. (and below please find a short film by Danny McShane)   Bandcamp  /  YouTube Garland   Kaleidoscope   Should We Grow Apart  


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