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1. September 2022 By Walter Price 0

They’re Back! HEAVY HEAVY Too High To Cry

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by Walter Price

They’re Back! Berlin-based rocknrollers HEAVY HEAVY return with what many may consider their most accomplished, arena-sized single to date with their most recent offering, “Too High to Cry”. A meticulously layered desert rock track that the outfit explains on a Bandcamp post as, “Too High To Cry is about the contrast of the monotony but also the unimaginable miracle of life. It’s a thin line between the feeling of being an empty shell, anxious and un-present; and seeking a similar emptiness and peace through meditation. It also has an element of the eternal struggle with being ok without depending on another person.”

My body is dry, I forgot to reply again, got dirt in my eye, and I’m anxious like a bag of crows
Shuffle this deck once more, I think I’ve been here before (sing this lower), these hands I expected are, not ones I recognize
I stared off into what I thought was space but I realized it was your face so I looked down but I
Can’t seem to find as comfortable a place

Clocking in at nearly 6 minutes, this sprawling track blends plenty of psych, low-slung thunder, and studio know-how to concoct this near menacing vibed single. And plenty of musicians will appreciate and fans will be awed by the attention given to the details that have to be heard several times to be fully experienced. For example, the final chapter of this release is a sonic soundscape that’ll beg to soundtrack your next trip…if ya know what I mean.

Not to mention the music video filmed/edited by Altair Hernandez Martinez and interpretive dance choreographed by (and I would assume performed by) the incomparable Lovisa Sohls Söderberg. Only the band itself knows why the star of this music video is encased in a pro-am racing suit for most of her screen time, but that mystery is only part of this film’s intrigue. Hands-down, the star here is the emotional story being laid out via Söderberg’s movements. Mesmerizing.

If you’ve followed HEAVY HEAVY over the last handful of years, you already know that this trio knows how to write and produce weighty rock n roll. So it may not be any surprise at all that they would come out swinging with this, their most enthralling release so far, and you can stream “Too High to Cry”, here at the GTC.


Band photo, artwork, and quotes courtesy of HEAVY HEAVY

Recording and Mixing Tonbrauerei Berlin
Mastering at Mahlgrad Mastering

VIDEO: Camera and Editing: Altair Hernandez Martinez
Choreography: Lovisa Sohls Söderberg

Chance – Bass & Vocals
Val – Guitar
Linus – Drums

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Despite sounding dark and threatening, the song actually carries a pretty hopeful message, although doubt is never far away. The lyrics are partly inspired by the science-fiction thriller Limitless, a movie about an author discovering a drug allowing him to unblock his brain (The Dark Fields in its book form).” – HH

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