Smooth Jas
31. August 2022 By Walter Price 0


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Smooth Jas

by Walter Price

Lo-Fi dream and surf pop cradling healing and resurrection are the overall energies that encompass the 2021 self-titled 6-track EP from Long Beach indie pop songwriter Smooth Jas. An intimate post-punk set that lays bare the elusive songwriter’s true-to-life journey through “…an abusive relationship with a musician I looked up to.”

This project started out mostly being an outlet for me to work through my thoughts and feelings, and since it’s still in the infant stages, that’s probably where it’s gonna be for a while. But I’m excited to explore new sounds and make music that gets people excited and inspired, especially folks who are from marginalized (POC and/or queer) communities like myself. I’m trying to figure out how to be myself and talk about my thoughts and feelings in a way other young people can relate to, in an effort to make people feel like they’re not alone.” – Jasmine Navarro [Voyage LA, May 29, 2019]

Smooth Jas’ Jasmine Navarro shines in their lingering trauma in songs like “Benji”, “YCTQ”, and “Bitter”. Subtle synths, jangly guitar, and heartbreaking and at times hints of hope lyrics throughout give this unapologetic album all the heartbreaking authenticity that any one surving whatever it may be could ask for.

You can stream the unsung Smooth Jas EP in full, here at the GTC.


Artist photo via Voyage LA

Songs written and performed by Smooth Jas, Jasmine Navarro

Mixed by Noah Carlson
Recorded by Nel Nolan
w/ Ben Greer on On Seen and Bitter

SoundCloud // Instagram

This is a snapshot of who I was at that time, a framework for the person I have become, a year of healing later.” – Smooth Jas (Bandcamp)

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