Stony Sugarskull Princess
2. September 2022 By Walter Price 0

…she’s a queen, STONY SUGARSKULL Princess

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Stony Sugarskull Princess

by Walter Price

“Princess”, the recent far-out single from multifaceted Berlin/LA-based songwriter Stony Sugarskull [Monika Demmler] is a trip through Haight-Ashbury psych and the emerging era of post-punk. And lots of all eclectic psych vibes throughout.

I guess you could take a deep dive into the sparse lyrics. And if you did, then you’d find the first two verses delving into a sort of innocent empowerment, “I don’t believe in dirt/ Dirt under the carpet/ Unless it’s a flying carpet…I’m a princess/ I’m a queen/ I still believe in Robin Hoods/ I still believe in Fairy Tales…” But, it’s the third chapter that turns everything you’ve just felt twisty and possibly provocative. “What is America to me/ A maze/ A labyrinth/ And a backdoor to cry.”

What does it all mean?

While you ponder, check out the psychedelic and trance-inducing Jean de Oliveira-directed music video. A lofi color-strewn hallucinatory set of scenes sewn together hand-in-glove with the whole vibe of the single and Stony Sugarskull’s undeniable style. Brilliantly unusual.

No doubt, if you’re a fan of getting weird and cerebral simultaneously, then you’ll find your groove with “Princess”. The single is taken from the album of the same name and is expected to drop on 18 November 2022. Before then you can stream the track and witness its mind-bending The Factory-esque music video, here at the GTC.


Music and lyrics by Monika Demmler 2022
Produced, recorded, and mixed by Kristian Bell (Yaxley Public Hall/Peterborough UK)
Mastered by Luke Oldfield (Tile House Studios London UK)
Monika Demmler (Vocals, Guitar), Kristian Bell (Bass, Drums), Franz Bargmann (Guitar), Alex Tower (Synths/Keys), Colin Dyer (Keys B1/2/5)

Artwork: The Postman –
Photography & Concept: Martyn Goodacre
Typography: Leander Bauer

Supported by Initiative Musik gGmbH with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media.

With special thanks to Carla Sandwell, Jessica Megan Roberts, Svenja Block

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I don’t believe in dirt
Dirt under the carpet
Unless it’s a flying carpet

I’m a princess
I’m a queen
I still believe in Robin Hoods
I still believe in Fairy Tales

What is America to me
A maze
A labyrinth
And a backdoor to cry

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