Broken Baby Make Manager
5. September 2022 By Walter Price 0

…everybody wants, BROKEN BABY Make Manager

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Broken Baby Make Manager

by Walter Price

The new chainsaw-pop-anthem “Make Manager” from LA rocknrollers Broken Baby has the folks in the labor trenches in mind. Vocalist Amber Bollinger shares, “‘Make Manager’ is a cheeky song about abuse of power. The idea that if you start at the bottom and take advantage of everyone along the way, you’ll get somewhere. Isn’t that miserable… But really, we just wanted to write a song that got under your skin in a good way and gave you permission to just scream and move and let it all out.’”

If you’re new to the BB universe let me catch you up. Over the past few years the band, led by Bollinger and partner in controlled chaos Alex Dezen, has been on a mission to bring social consciousness to the forefront, starting conversations and (whenever possible) filling dance floors. Proving, again and again, single after single that making rock n roll should be fun and can also have some weighty depth to it as well.

And fun is exactly the vibe you get from “Make Manager” and made crystal clear by the accompanying Tony Diaz-directed music video. A guerilla-style film shot on location in “…a Targé! And also a Walmart and a Hobby Lobby – maybe a Ross, too? Tried to hit ’em all up. hahaha”, according to Bollinger. If you remember that hallowed Jennifer Connelly/Frank Whaley rom-com Career Opurtinites (1991), it’s like that but with fewer filming permits (allegedly).

The bottom line is we’ve all been on the career ladder with that oppressive boot on our forehead and now the world has a song to encourage the masses to stand up and shout we’re not gonna take it, anymore. And you can dance to it. So much winning!

You can stream “Make Manager” and see its punk rock retail music video, now at the GTC.


Band photo via Facebook // Quotes courtesy of Broken Baby and Poor Man Records

Written and Produced by Broken Baby
Mixed and Mastered by Alex Dezen

VIDEO: Directed/Edited by Tony Diaz

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