Julez and the Rollerz
6. September 2022 By Walter Price 0

JULEZ and the ROLLERZ Knocks Me On The Floor

Julez and the Rollerz Knocks Me On The Floor is available on Bandcamp, Deezer, Spotify

Julez and the Rollerz

by Walter Price

Let’s step back a bit to April 2021, the world was in the depths of a pandemic, chaos was all the rage, and feeling a sense of security was seemingly unattainable. And in the midst of it all, LA outfit Julez and the Rollerz almost quietly released a dreamy slow jam reflecting on one’s comfort zone.

Driving your car inland
Til the grass is green
Makes no difference to me

And in the morning sleep in
You messed the bed when you creeped in
In my dreams
You said to me you’re never leaving

While the lyrics may feel cryptic, they certainly invite confident self-consciousness. Wrapped in sunny vibed psych and bluesy bubblegum pop, this track is drenched in the kind of hope and sincerity any wavering soul could get lost in. Inviting anyone who listens to find and celebrate solace in whatever it is or who it may be.

JULEZ and the ROLLERZ Knocks Me On The Floor

Band photo via Bandcamp

Jules Batterman – Lead vocals, lead guitar
Rachel David – Bass, background vocals
Steve Donofrio – Drums
Evan Taylor – Synth, additional guitar

Recorded at Loantaka Records
Production – Evan Taylor
Mixing – Spencer Guerra

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“Julez and the Rollerz is currently Jules Batterman (lead vocals, guitar), Rachel David (bass vocals), Shea Carothers (synth, vocals), Hannah Hughes (guitar, vocals) and Emi Desire (Drums); a 5-piece, rock ‘n’ roll garage rock band with a relatable and fun-loving attitude, currently based out in Los Angeles, California. While still retaining a charming old-school tone to their songs, their music also consists of tragically honest, yet adoringly playful lyrics, and catchy guitar riffs. Julez and The Rollerz are a pocket full of surprises as they mix different genres, to come up with some unique venues of colors within their arrangements.” – band bio

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